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Matt of Muse

Matthew Bellamy Appeciation

Matthew Bellamy Appreciation
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I shot a boll in the bullocks. No. A bull in the bollocks.
-Matt Bellamy

Heh. So. Er. Like Matt Bellamy? Discuss him here. The rules are simple and few:

  1. Make all posts Matt related.

  2. Post as many pictures as you want, but all large pictures (in dimensions or file size, this includes colourbars) must be placed under an LJ cut. If you are posting more than 2 small pictures, the rest must also be placed under an LJ cut. See the LiveJournal FAQ if you are unsure how to do this.

  3. No bashing or flaming of other members. This will result in warning and then banning.

This community was created by elfreakokid on a whim, and is now maintained by originally. Yup.

Shameless plug: visit nature_1. The best Muse community on LJ.

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